Wyoming Valley West High School

The College Application Process
Class of 2015

Many of you are planning to apply to college but don’t know how to begin. If you will follow these steps everything will go smoothly.

What You Must Do

1. Decide to which colleges you will apply (the average is 3 – 5).

2. Most colleges now prefer electronic applications. To apply online:
• Find the application on the college’s web site (if you need the web address for your college, your counselor can help you with this).
• Complete the application online.
• Print the high school information/recommendation form, which is usually found at the end of your part of the application.
• Bring the high school form to your counselor.
• Provide an activity list to be included with your transcript. See your counselor for more information about the development of an activity list.
• You do not need to bring an envelope (unless one is provided by the college) nor do you need to bring postage – your counselor will take care of these items.
• Your counselor will complete the form and mail it to the college along with your high school transcript and any other required information.

3. If you prefer to apply using a paper application:
• Obtain the paper applications for the colleges to which you will apply. Some paper applications can be found in the guidance office, particularly those from regional schools. Some paper applications must be obtained from the school itself. You can contact them by phone (many have 1.800 numbers) or by e-mail. Your counselor can help with this, if needed.
• Complete the application.
• Provide an activity list to be included with your transcript. See your counselor for more information about the development of an activity list.
• Bring the completed application, along with a check or money order for your application fee, to your counselor.

Many applications require recommendations from teachers or your counselor. Please give school staff adequate time to complete a recommendation for you.

What Your Counselor Will Do

1. Your counselor will:
• Complete the part of the application that is required from the
high school.
• Attach an official copy of your high school transcript and most recent report card.
• Attach a copy of your senior class schedule.
• Attach any other information that the college/university requires.

2. Your counselor will:
• Address the envelope.
• Put the correct postage on the envelope and mail it.
• Keep a record of transcripts sent.

The counselors encourage each of you, and your parents, to stay in touch with your counselor through this process.
Your counselor will help in every way possible.
It is important for students to double check with the university/college to verify that your application was received and is complete.

The deadline for all applications that needed to be mailed before the December break is Wednesday, November 26th.
***Both electronic and paper applications require a transcript release form to be signed by a parent if you are under 18 years of age. Obtain a release form in the Guidance Office. No high school records can be forwarded to colleges without a completed release form.

Senior Year at Wyoming Valley West High School

“To-Do” List

Take the SAT in October and/or November. Pay attention to registration deadline dates. See your counselor for specifics regarding the ACT.

Make final decision about the colleges to which you will apply (August and September).

Get college applications and apply (September – November).

Apply for any and all scholarships for which you are eligible (all year).

After January 1, 2014, complete the FAFSA (form for determining eligibility for financial aid). Information from 2011 income tax form will be needed for this, so get income taxes completed as early as possible (yours and your parents).

Continue to earn good grades!!!!

Enjoy your senior year!!!!